Why Is Your Dog Being So Mean?

What in the world is going on? Your once sweet, cuddly, innocent little dog has turned into an aggressive, growling, biting, teeth showing monster and you have no idea what to do about it. It seems to have come out of nowhere, but it’s causing disruption in the household and you know you have to do something about it.

Before you reprimand your dog or decide to give him away, perhaps you should find out what’s causing the sudden mean streak. Aggression isn’t always a form of anger for your dog, it could be a cry for help or fear. If you’ve noticed signs of dog aggression finding out the source is the first step to solving the problem.

They’re Sick

A dog in pain doesn’t know how to respond other than to be aggressive. There are a lot of dog illnesses and diseases that are associated with pain including rabies, thyroid disease, arthritis and cancer. If your dog starts growling when you approach them or biting when you try and touch them, this could mean they’re not well and need to see a vet.

They’re Afraid

It doesn’t matter how macho your dog may appear, they too have fears. A nervous dog, for instance, who feels he is in danger as a stranger approaches may feel the only way to find relief is to defend himself. This might also happen if you raise a hand or object and your dog believes it is going to be used against them. Your dog could start biting, growing, and even excessively barking to try to break free of what they’re afraid of.

They’re Possessive

Dogs are territorial by nature, but can take possession to a whole new extreme if they feel threatened. If your dog starts barking, biting, or lunging when you touch his food or favorite toy, they suffer from possession aggression. Another behavior might include your dog growling or barking as a stranger enters the home.

They’re the Boss (Or So They Think)

Your dog may be acting mean or aggressive as a way to show his dominance. A dog who believes they are in control or dominant will try to “flex their muscles” any way they can if they feel someone is trying to challenge their position. This most frequently happens with other dogs, but can also happen with people (especially men).

They’re Frustrated

Dogs who are tied outside or caged in for a better part of the day tend to show a lot more aggression than those that have more freedom. They become frustrated by their confinement and inability to do as they please so they bark, growl, and even bite as their frustration gets worse.

There’s a lot that goes on in the mind of a dog, that unfortunately, you can’t understand as an owner. Aggression is just one of the ways your dog tries to cope with overwhelming emotions or circumstances. The moment your dog’s temperament starts to change it is ideal that you get to the root of the problem. Start with a trip to the vet to rule out illness or disease, and then look for solutions to getting your pup back to its warm, fuzzy, loving, self.

Buying Guide for Dog Clippers for Thick Coats

Dog clippers for thick coats are just mandatory when it comes to grooming your dog in the house. Efficient clippers are not only used by dog owners but it is also used by professionals as well. Grooming your dog regularly is extremely important. It may be more important than you think it to be. By grooming your dog you not only provide your dog with a tidy and fresh look but it is also important for their general wellbeing. Brushing their hair is not only important to maintain their tidiness but it can also help you to detect any underlying medical conditions as well. Therefore, you cannot simply just ignore it. Apart from this, there are other benefits as well. if you are looking forward to buying the best dog clippers for thick coats then you should give this article a read.

How to Buy the Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats?

In order to buy the best dog clippers for thick coats here are some of the important things that you need to consider.

  1. Corded Or Cordless Clippers: The first thing that you need to decide is whether you needed corded clippers or cordless clippers. Corded clippers cannot be used without connecting it to the power source whereas, on the other hand, you can use a cordless clipper without attaching it to a power source. Therefore, you can say that cordless clippers are more advantageous in a way. Cordless clippers come with batteries that you need to charge from time to time and then you can use it for a long time.
  1. Noise And Vibrations: One of the important things that you need to check in your clipper is the amount of noise and vibration it produces. That’s because extra noise and vibration can sometimes get your pet scared. Therefore, it is important that you go for a clipper that makes less noise and vibration.
  1. Power, Heat Emission And Motor Speed: These are some of the important features that you need to check in your clipper before you buy it. You need to get a clipper that produces just the right amount of power with low vibrations, noise, and These clippers are known to perform the best on thick coats.

So these are some of the main things that you need to consider before you get a clipper for your dog; Pure Balance Dog Food Review can also provide you good help. Now that you know about it, hopefully, it will be easier for you to buy one.

Grab these 7 dog grooming accessories to keep your pet clean

 Although there are many pet services that offer dog grooming in Dubai. But because these are expensive and due to lack of time there are many who prefer to do it themselves. A regular home regimen of grooming your furry friend clean and maintain glossy, matt-free coat. This will also let you check for any skin irritations or pesky lodgers who have made your pet’s fur their home. Along with that dog grooming is also a great way for bonding with your little friend. The best pet store Dubai offers a variety of grooming essentials for keeping your hound in a good condition.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect dog grooming tools, you may find it utterly confusing. You can find shampoos and conditioners for every colour, different types of brushes, scissors, nail clippers etc.  To avoid this confusion here we have listed the top 7 dog grooming accessories that you must have. Look.

  1. Brush:

To maintain your dog’s coat and overall health, regular brushing should be done. You must select a brush made for the specific breed and coat type of your pet. If you choose a wrong brush then it can harm your dog and cause irritation, brush burn or infection. If your dog has a heavier coat, then you may need a different set of brushes to remove hair from different levels.


  1. Shampoo and conditioner:

If you find your dog in a muddy, stinky condition then it indicates that your dog is quite active and in a good health. Now it is your turn to bathe it. You must, therefore, find a quality dog shampoo for the breed. Make sure it has plant-based ingredients and no harmful chemicals. Likewise look for a conditioner to help detangle the mats and moisturize your dog’s skin.


  1. Dog fur dryer:

This is an important grooming tool that you will need especially if you own a thick, long-haired and double coat dog breed. Towel drying is a good option for dogs with a thinner coat. But for those with long hair, it can cause tangles in hair. It is best to invest in a dog fur dryer as it relies more on high-speed air, rather than heat, to dry your pup.


  1. Grooming Wipes:

If your dog likes to play outside in the mud and comes back home soiled and stinking, then you might be bathing it frequently. Now frequent bathing often leads to dry skin. Therefore, to avoid this, you can pick some grooming wipes to clean your tiny friend. These are perfect for wiping away muddy paws, messy wrinkles, and dirty bottoms and leave your pup looking clean and fresh.


  1. Hair Clippers:

If you want to trim your dog’s hair yourself, then investing in a hair trimmer better-called hair clipper is the best thing to do. A dog’ hair is denser and much thicker than a human’s hair and therefore you must always find a trimmer that has sharp blades. Quality dog clippers come with several blade guards allowing you to trim your dog’s hair to a certain length in an easy manner.


  1. Nail Clipper:

When it comes to cutting your dog’s nails, the task is certainly not easy. While some dogs may co-operate for the process some may run away. However, it is an art to train your dogs to be accepting. You can find different nail clipper at any of the pet store Dubai that can be appropriate for your pet.

  1. Toothbrush & Toothpaste:

To fight tooth decay, halitosis, and dreaded doggy breath you must get a dog’s toothpaste and toothbrush. Your vet may suggest you brush your dog’s teeth daily, but if not, every day you can thoroughly clean them using an appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush at least once in a week.

Grooming your pet would not only make it look good but also feel good. If you are a dog owner, then you should buy the above-mentioned tools and supplies for dog grooming in Dubai from a good pet store.

Dog Emergencies: When Care Cannot Wait

Pet ownership is a big responsibility. Your pet needs the right food, activities, and medical care. Pets can get sick or injured when you least expect it. Dogs and cats are the most common domesticated animals, and one or the other can be found in majority of homes. Regular veterinary care is fairly simple for dogs and cats. They usually go for an annual visit to receive vaccinations and an exam. Most issues are able to be handled during the normal business hours of the veterinary office. There are, however, some things that happen suddenly. Injuries, aging pets, and illness are all contributing factors when it comes to the need for emergency care.

Respiratory Issues

Dogs are known for panting heavily whenever they are hot or have been running around. This is not usually a reason for concern. They may also pant when they need to use the bathroom. If your pet is panting more than normal and is getting worse, you need to get in the car and head to the emergency vet immediately. You may also hear wheezing or coughing. These issues are not likely to resolve on their own. A true lack of oxygen may occur during these issues. Check online to find a Minster Veterinary Emergency Vet near me.


There are many injuries that can occur when you have an active dog. Smaller dogs are more likely to get hurt by bigger dogs or by getting stepped on. Large dogs can get hurt when they are trying to escape out of wire crates, for one thing.   A large dog may jump up on the window and end up with severe cuts. The emerging popularity of dog parks have made injuries from fights more common in recent years. These may involve puncture wounds from bites or tears needing stitches. The risk of infection and the need for vaccination boosters makes these emergency situations.


Dogs can be very curious about their surroundings. They are often getting into the trash, plants, and even eat toys and furniture. Occasionally, they get something that is very dangerous to them. Some plants can be toxic and cause a fatality if the dog is not treated immediately. If you see the dog eat a human food that you know is toxic or a plant, you can run to the emergency vet and let them know what the dog ate. If you do not see it happen, you may see them vomiting, or acting disoriented. Many plants are a neurotoxin. Get to the vet as soon as possible when a poison has entered your dog’s bloodstream.

Family pets are a great joy. They are usually fairly easy to care for. Preventative care can be done at the vet during regular business hours. There are several situations, however, that call for emergency care. Breathing problems, injuries, and poisoning all may need a qualified veterinarian to be remedied.

I Need to Sell My Horse, What Are the Best Options?

You have a horse and you’ve discovered that it is too much work and time for you to keep your equine partner. Selling a horse is an easy and straightforward process and the task should be done in the correct and proper manner.

Forget advertising in the local paper and definitely rule out online trading marketplaces (like Etsy and eBay) as these markets do not permit the sale of live animals anyway. The easiest and smartest method is to contact the team at Horse Scout and you will be taken through the procedure of getting your horse put up onto the marketplace.

The advert can be made over the phone or by email. It usually costs around £40 per month to list a horse or pony for sale, and there are no hidden fees.

 But what if you have more than one horse for sale and you trade and sell horses regularly? The best way to save money on regular trading and advertising is to open a trade account. There are three level of trade by which you can open an account with: small, medium or large trading. Large traders would be those stables that sell around four horses each month.

There is also a professional services account with rolling subscriptions available on 3, 6, or 12 month accounts.

What Are the Things I Should Do Before Listing My Horse on the Marketplace?

Get your equine partner showroom ready. That means getting that coat glossy, tidying up the mane and tail and putting on new shoes. Clean him up completely and keep the horse working during the time the marketplace is open. This means a potential buyer will always get to see the horse at his best and makes a sale more likely.

There are many professional services that will tidy up a horse and make it ready for the marketplace. Check on the Horse Scout website for more details. You will also need to take some great photos of your horse. Professional photographers will be able to show a horse’s spark – a real major selling point.

Once you have a series of great photographs, create an eye-catching video too. Do not make the video too long (3 minutes no more) and be sure to include scenes of him walking, trotting and a slightly longer edit of a canter.

Dealing with Autism? How a dog can help

If you, your child, or someone you know is living with autism, you may be wondering if there’s a way to make your daily life easier, without feeling like everything is too much at once. Specialist trained dogs have had proven results with individuals living with autism, and we wanted to put together this article to highlight some of the ways that a furry friend can assist you.

When a dog is trained to help an individual who is living with autism, they can help the individual become more confident and help them achieve their goals – small and large.

Road safety

Road safety is a huge concern for young children living with autism, because they may not have the same sense of danger when it comes to crossing roads that they should. By pairing an autistic child with a specialist trained dog, the dog will be able to help them cross the road safely and keep them out of danger when they’re out and about during the day. Adults can also can benefit from having a dog who is autism-aware.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a specialist trained autism-aware dog is the companionship that a dog can offer someone living with autism. It’s very easy and often very quick for a dog and their human to connect. When someone is living with autism, they can often feel isolated by their peers and separated from the rest of the world. A dog can help them reconnect and will always be their friend.

Reducing stress

As a parent, having a child who is living with autism can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge, but by having a specialist trained dog who can help guide and assist your autistic child, you can see the positive impact the trained dog can have on their life. You’ll also have a “furever” friend around the house who will look out for each of you. A specialist trained dog who is aware of autistic traits are often more mindful of the atmosphere they’re in, too, which means that they’ll pick up on things like sadness much more easily.

Overcoming fear

Dogs who are specifically trained for individuals living with autism can offer a calming focus for the individual. Autism often affects how the individual sees the world and sometimes it can become overwhelming to a point of utter confusion. Having a grounding presence like a dog can help the individual have a focal point to return to. This is perfect for particularly stressful situations, such as vaccinations and starting school, as well as things like job interviews or even going out into the city. Autism and anxiety often go hand-in-hand.

Sensory support

The reassuring pressure of a dog’s head resting in an individual’s lap has been shown to bring about feelings of calm in moments of high anxiety. This can give a huge amount of support to a person with sensory needs or someone living with anxiety as well as autism.


If you think that buying furniture for a cat can be funny then you are mistaken. If you have a cat and not the toys and furniture which they may like then chances are high that you are not giving them the much-needed space of fun and enjoyment. Most of the people who have cats with them so far have clearly stated that kittens do need their own time for their own mental peace and co-existence and the best way to give them is by installing a cat tree house at your own home. It is fun, cost friendly and gives your cat the best me time and pleasure they had always desired for.

The reason why you must have a cat tree:

Whether you are looking for the best cat tree for large cats or the smaller ones, it is important to understand the reason behind buying it. It is something that gives your cat more like their own space even if your entire house belongs to them. It is more like a feline friend for your cat to have a place where they can play, climb, and even take a nap as and when they want. To let the cat do all the crazy things that they want such tree is the perfect thing you can have at your house. Below are some of the things you need to consider when buying such a product for your cat.

For the perfect house for your kitty, it is important that you focus on some of the important things such as:


The trees of the cat come in different sizes and configurations. It also serves different functions. A cat tree generally comes with a comfortable spot for lounging. If your cat would enjoy different perches and wants to pamper its fur on the carpet then look for the house with similar features along with a tree that has hammocks and even cradles.

Consider the personality:

Depending upon the size, age and the ability to climb, you need to focus on buying the cat tree. A large cat tree is perfect for those the spry cats while senior kitties tend to spend their time in sleeping for whom an enclosed space or the cubies can be a great idea.


Some cats rather most cats love to scratch themselves. Some love to spend taking the name. Depending upon their scratching tendency you need to choose the surface either the carpeted one or the wooden rope is also fine.

Build a Dog Run or Buy One?

A dog run is one of the best gifts you can give to your furry friend. Dogs are energetic and love to play. Homes restrict their movement and make them lazy. But an exercise pen helps them to move around, play and enjoy without you having to worry about a tumbled house. We also worry about our dog getting hurt by vehicles, causing harm to the property or wandering away. But a dog run keeps you away from such troublesome thoughts.

You can either build a dog run or buy one. Look up for dog run for sale on the internet to buy one that fits your budget or browse the net for a DIY on building a dog run. Let us go through the features that a good dog run should have before you decide on buying or building it.

Structure of the Dog Run

If you have a long backyard then you can give your dog more space to run around. Modular dog runs that come in rectangular shapes can easily accommodate the dogs and their needs. For those who are short on space and make a square-shaped pen. Every breed of dog has specific needs ensure you do proper research and make the dog run according to their needs.

If a Roof Important

All dogs cannot be trained to stay down or maybe yours is still in the process of learning. So, if you want them to stay within their boundaries ensure that there is a roof. A secured enclosure will keep your dog safe within especially if the dog run is just beside a road. There are chances of accidents. It is also a good way to shelter them from rain or harsh sun.

Which Type of Floor Should You Pick

Concrete slab, gravel and patio blocks are wonderful options for flooring the dog run. Running around on grass can get your dog muddy and dirty. Those who keep their dogs inside in the night may have a problem because their feet will dirty the entire house.

Finally, Do-it-Yourself or Buy a Pre-Fabricated One

If you are considering building a dog run for their pet can use online videos for help. The process is time taking and requires certain techniques to build it. But it does save you a decent amount of money. Remember to keep a gate and use a weather-proof ultraviolet ray treated cover to keep the pet secure beneath it. Gather all the material needed and then begin the project.

If you aren’t the one with building skills and are short on time then you should buy a dog run for your dog. However, it definitely requires an investment and may not be a cheap option for you. But it will definitely save time and hassle. Pre-fabricated dog runs come in modern designs and different shapes and is definitely worth investing in.

Learning To Interpret Warning Signs Of Dog Depression

Depression is a condition which affects humans and pets alike. Dogs are even more prone to it since they have the highest capacity to reciprocate the love that they get. But there are means and ways to interpret signs which actually warn the pet owners of impending depression in their canine pets. In fact these signs, if not correctly understood, only puzzle the pet owners who find no reason in a seemingly healthy pet becoming morose and uninterested all of a sudden.

Some definite signs

There are different reasons which trigger dog depression. The loss of a loved family member either due to death of departure, the arrival of a new baby or a new pet, drastic changes in their routine, shifting to a new house etc., all have the ability to provide the necessary impetus for a dog to become sad.

Depression brings about a lot of negative changes in a dog. These changes vary from canine to canine since each canine has his own way of reacting to depression. However, certain known outcomes of depression, which also act as warning signs include:

  • Changes in appetite: There are two ways in which depressed dogs react to food. They either start eating very less or even stop altogether or they start binging on doggy comfort food. Thus any unexpected change in the body weight of pet dogs, either gain or loss, is indicative of chemical imbalance in the dog’s body. This appetite change is a definite indication of depression.
  • Sleeping habit changes: Excessive sleepiness if seen in a pet dog is a definite example of depressed behaviour. But it is the pet owner who needs to take a call on the same since dogs anyway tend to sleep a lot. The alternate is also true in some instances of depressed behaviour wherein they suffer from trouble and restless sleep.
  • Loss of interest: This is one symptom of depression which is similar to both dogs and humans. Like humans, loss of interest in the daily activities that the dog once enjoyed, is a sure sign of dog depression. Thus they become less active, tend to slow down and even seem to lose their purpose of living.
  • Paw-Licking:Two behavioural patterns which also provide a sure warning of the inset of depression in dogs are:
    • Continuous licking of its paw as a means to soothe one self and
    • Excessive unprovoked biting.
  • Hiding and avoidance:Any physical injury or psychological illness makes a dog go into hiding. It demands to be left alone and even goes to the extent of hiding under the bed, in closets etc. Such behaviour is a clear indication of a psychological situation bothering the dog thereby making him go into depression. Hence such a sign should never be ignored.

If any or all the above symptoms are present in a dog, he needs to be immediately taken to a veterinary doctor who will first check thoroughly to rule out physical injuries. After the same has been ruled out and depression has been confirmed as the cause of the canine’s change in behaviour, extra care and attention needs to be given to the dog to help it come out of it and start leading the normal life it once lead.

Dog Nutrition – Vital Steps to Take When Choosing a Nutritious Food for Your Dog

Make sure it is Human Grade Dog Food

All the best commercial dog food companies will make sure their ingredients are Human Grade. The problem with this is that the AAFCO, which stands for Association of American Feed Control doesn’t allow the dog food companies to make any statements on their labels concerning the quality of the food they use. The best thing to do is to check the websites of dog food companies before you buy them. Arden Grange is suggested best dog Food Company.

The dog food ingredients should be sourced locally from USDA inspected facilities.

This doesn’t mean you can’t find good ingredients in others countries, just do your homework. Canada and Australia have excellent dog food companies.

Look for all the ingredients listed on the label BEFORE the fat source.

These ingredients will be the majority of your dog’s food. The ingredients after the fat source make up a much smaller percentage of the food source. Some of the best commercial dog food likes Arden Grange Dog Food will have as much as ten quality ingredients before the fat source.

Make sure you study the “Protein” content which is the meat source.

Dogs are natural carnivores (meat eaters) and you want the protein mentioned first unless your dog has kidney problems. (Dog’s with kidney problems can’t have too much protein) Check the position of the meat source on the label and see how many times they list it BEFORE the fat source. Also check the “type’ of meat it is – i.e. chicken, chicken meal, beef, beef meal, etc.

Make sure it has a quality fat source

Quality fats are olive oil, canola oil, chicken fat, flax seed, etc. It’s always good to have Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the ingredients. It’s one sign of a good commercial dog food. Always avoid brands that have something called “meat fat, poultry fat, vegetable oil or lard.” These are NOT good sources of fat. NOTE: Poultry does not mean chicken in this case.

Make sure You Have Quality Grains

Even though grains are not essential for a dog, the best food companies will use good grains instead of bad grains. They will always appear AFTER the fat source. Examples of good grains are brown rice (not white) barley and oats. Steer Clear from fillers. Examples are ground whole corn, wheat gluten meal, corn gluten meal and soy bean meal. Bad grains include peanut hulls, corn bran, rice hulls, oat hulls and soybean hulls.

How About Fruits and Vegetables?

As with grains, fruits and vegetables are not necessary for your dogs overall health, but if good ones are used it certainly can’t hurt them. Good veggies include potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, broccoli and spinach. NEVER give your dog onions…very toxic. Good fruits are blueberries and apples. (Always cut out the seeds as they are very toxic to dogs) Citrus pulp is also bad.

Check the dog food label for preservatives, artificial coloring and chemical additives.

Make sure it contains natural preservatives like Tocopherols which is Vitamin E and Ascorbic Acid which is Vitamin C. NEVER buy dog food containing Ethoxyquin. BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole, BHT (Butylated HydroxyToluene. Stay away from all artificial colors such as Blue 2, Yellow 5 and 6, Red 40. Artificial flavors include any flavors that don’t state the specific source such as “meat” broth.