Why Is Your Dog Being So Mean?

What in the world is going on? Your once sweet, cuddly, innocent little dog has turned into an aggressive, growling, biting, teeth showing monster and you have no idea what to do about it. It seems to have come out of nowhere, but it’s causing disruption in the household and you know you have to do something about it.

Before you reprimand your dog or decide to give him away, perhaps you should find out what’s causing the sudden mean streak. Aggression isn’t always a form of anger for your dog, it could be a cry for help or fear. If you’ve noticed signs of dog aggression finding out the source is the first step to solving the problem.

They’re Sick

A dog in pain doesn’t know how to respond other than to be aggressive. There are a lot of dog illnesses and diseases that are associated with pain including rabies, thyroid disease, arthritis and cancer. If your dog starts growling when you approach them or biting when you try and touch them, this could mean they’re not well and need to see a vet.

They’re Afraid

It doesn’t matter how macho your dog may appear, they too have fears. A nervous dog, for instance, who feels he is in danger as a stranger approaches may feel the only way to find relief is to defend himself. This might also happen if you raise a hand or object and your dog believes it is going to be used against them. Your dog could start biting, growing, and even excessively barking to try to break free of what they’re afraid of.

They’re Possessive

Dogs are territorial by nature, but can take possession to a whole new extreme if they feel threatened. If your dog starts barking, biting, or lunging when you touch his food or favorite toy, they suffer from possession aggression. Another behavior might include your dog growling or barking as a stranger enters the home.

They’re the Boss (Or So They Think)

Your dog may be acting mean or aggressive as a way to show his dominance. A dog who believes they are in control or dominant will try to “flex their muscles” any way they can if they feel someone is trying to challenge their position. This most frequently happens with other dogs, but can also happen with people (especially men).

They’re Frustrated

Dogs who are tied outside or caged in for a better part of the day tend to show a lot more aggression than those that have more freedom. They become frustrated by their confinement and inability to do as they please so they bark, growl, and even bite as their frustration gets worse.

There’s a lot that goes on in the mind of a dog, that unfortunately, you can’t understand as an owner. Aggression is just one of the ways your dog tries to cope with overwhelming emotions or circumstances. The moment your dog’s temperament starts to change it is ideal that you get to the root of the problem. Start with a trip to the vet to rule out illness or disease, and then look for solutions to getting your pup back to its warm, fuzzy, loving, self.

Buying Guide for Dog Clippers for Thick Coats

Dog clippers for thick coats are just mandatory when it comes to grooming your dog in the house. Efficient clippers are not only used by dog owners but it is also used by professionals as well. Grooming your dog regularly is extremely important. It may be more important than you think it to be. By grooming your dog you not only provide your dog with a tidy and fresh look but it is also important for their general wellbeing. Brushing their hair is not only important to maintain their tidiness but it can also help you to detect any underlying medical conditions as well. Therefore, you cannot simply just ignore it. Apart from this, there are other benefits as well. if you are looking forward to buying the best dog clippers for thick coats then you should give this article a read.

How to Buy the Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats?

In order to buy the best dog clippers for thick coats here are some of the important things that you need to consider.

  1. Corded Or Cordless Clippers: The first thing that you need to decide is whether you needed corded clippers or cordless clippers. Corded clippers cannot be used without connecting it to the power source whereas, on the other hand, you can use a cordless clipper without attaching it to a power source. Therefore, you can say that cordless clippers are more advantageous in a way. Cordless clippers come with batteries that you need to charge from time to time and then you can use it for a long time.
  1. Noise And Vibrations: One of the important things that you need to check in your clipper is the amount of noise and vibration it produces. That’s because extra noise and vibration can sometimes get your pet scared. Therefore, it is important that you go for a clipper that makes less noise and vibration.
  1. Power, Heat Emission And Motor Speed: These are some of the important features that you need to check in your clipper before you buy it. You need to get a clipper that produces just the right amount of power with low vibrations, noise, and These clippers are known to perform the best on thick coats.

So these are some of the main things that you need to consider before you get a clipper for your dog; Pure Balance Dog Food Review can also provide you good help. Now that you know about it, hopefully, it will be easier for you to buy one.

Dealing with Autism? How a dog can help

If you, your child, or someone you know is living with autism, you may be wondering if there’s a way to make your daily life easier, without feeling like everything is too much at once. Specialist trained dogs have had proven results with individuals living with autism, and we wanted to put together this article to highlight some of the ways that a furry friend can assist you.

When a dog is trained to help an individual who is living with autism, they can help the individual become more confident and help them achieve their goals – small and large.

Road safety

Road safety is a huge concern for young children living with autism, because they may not have the same sense of danger when it comes to crossing roads that they should. By pairing an autistic child with a specialist trained dog, the dog will be able to help them cross the road safely and keep them out of danger when they’re out and about during the day. Adults can also can benefit from having a dog who is autism-aware.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a specialist trained autism-aware dog is the companionship that a dog can offer someone living with autism. It’s very easy and often very quick for a dog and their human to connect. When someone is living with autism, they can often feel isolated by their peers and separated from the rest of the world. A dog can help them reconnect and will always be their friend.

Reducing stress

As a parent, having a child who is living with autism can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge, but by having a specialist trained dog who can help guide and assist your autistic child, you can see the positive impact the trained dog can have on their life. You’ll also have a “furever” friend around the house who will look out for each of you. A specialist trained dog who is aware of autistic traits are often more mindful of the atmosphere they’re in, too, which means that they’ll pick up on things like sadness much more easily.

Overcoming fear

Dogs who are specifically trained for individuals living with autism can offer a calming focus for the individual. Autism often affects how the individual sees the world and sometimes it can become overwhelming to a point of utter confusion. Having a grounding presence like a dog can help the individual have a focal point to return to. This is perfect for particularly stressful situations, such as vaccinations and starting school, as well as things like job interviews or even going out into the city. Autism and anxiety often go hand-in-hand.

Sensory support

The reassuring pressure of a dog’s head resting in an individual’s lap has been shown to bring about feelings of calm in moments of high anxiety. This can give a huge amount of support to a person with sensory needs or someone living with anxiety as well as autism.

Build a Dog Run or Buy One?

A dog run is one of the best gifts you can give to your furry friend. Dogs are energetic and love to play. Homes restrict their movement and make them lazy. But an exercise pen helps them to move around, play and enjoy without you having to worry about a tumbled house. We also worry about our dog getting hurt by vehicles, causing harm to the property or wandering away. But a dog run keeps you away from such troublesome thoughts.

You can either build a dog run or buy one. Look up for dog run for sale on the internet to buy one that fits your budget or browse the net for a DIY on building a dog run. Let us go through the features that a good dog run should have before you decide on buying or building it.

Structure of the Dog Run

If you have a long backyard then you can give your dog more space to run around. Modular dog runs that come in rectangular shapes can easily accommodate the dogs and their needs. For those who are short on space and make a square-shaped pen. Every breed of dog has specific needs ensure you do proper research and make the dog run according to their needs.

If a Roof Important

All dogs cannot be trained to stay down or maybe yours is still in the process of learning. So, if you want them to stay within their boundaries ensure that there is a roof. A secured enclosure will keep your dog safe within especially if the dog run is just beside a road. There are chances of accidents. It is also a good way to shelter them from rain or harsh sun.

Which Type of Floor Should You Pick

Concrete slab, gravel and patio blocks are wonderful options for flooring the dog run. Running around on grass can get your dog muddy and dirty. Those who keep their dogs inside in the night may have a problem because their feet will dirty the entire house.

Finally, Do-it-Yourself or Buy a Pre-Fabricated One

If you are considering building a dog run for their pet can use online videos for help. The process is time taking and requires certain techniques to build it. But it does save you a decent amount of money. Remember to keep a gate and use a weather-proof ultraviolet ray treated cover to keep the pet secure beneath it. Gather all the material needed and then begin the project.

If you aren’t the one with building skills and are short on time then you should buy a dog run for your dog. However, it definitely requires an investment and may not be a cheap option for you. But it will definitely save time and hassle. Pre-fabricated dog runs come in modern designs and different shapes and is definitely worth investing in.

Learning To Interpret Warning Signs Of Dog Depression

Depression is a condition which affects humans and pets alike. Dogs are even more prone to it since they have the highest capacity to reciprocate the love that they get. But there are means and ways to interpret signs which actually warn the pet owners of impending depression in their canine pets. In fact these signs, if not correctly understood, only puzzle the pet owners who find no reason in a seemingly healthy pet becoming morose and uninterested all of a sudden.

Some definite signs

There are different reasons which trigger dog depression. The loss of a loved family member either due to death of departure, the arrival of a new baby or a new pet, drastic changes in their routine, shifting to a new house etc., all have the ability to provide the necessary impetus for a dog to become sad.

Depression brings about a lot of negative changes in a dog. These changes vary from canine to canine since each canine has his own way of reacting to depression. However, certain known outcomes of depression, which also act as warning signs include:

  • Changes in appetite: There are two ways in which depressed dogs react to food. They either start eating very less or even stop altogether or they start binging on doggy comfort food. Thus any unexpected change in the body weight of pet dogs, either gain or loss, is indicative of chemical imbalance in the dog’s body. This appetite change is a definite indication of depression.
  • Sleeping habit changes: Excessive sleepiness if seen in a pet dog is a definite example of depressed behaviour. But it is the pet owner who needs to take a call on the same since dogs anyway tend to sleep a lot. The alternate is also true in some instances of depressed behaviour wherein they suffer from trouble and restless sleep.
  • Loss of interest: This is one symptom of depression which is similar to both dogs and humans. Like humans, loss of interest in the daily activities that the dog once enjoyed, is a sure sign of dog depression. Thus they become less active, tend to slow down and even seem to lose their purpose of living.
  • Paw-Licking:Two behavioural patterns which also provide a sure warning of the inset of depression in dogs are:
    • Continuous licking of its paw as a means to soothe one self and
    • Excessive unprovoked biting.
  • Hiding and avoidance:Any physical injury or psychological illness makes a dog go into hiding. It demands to be left alone and even goes to the extent of hiding under the bed, in closets etc. Such behaviour is a clear indication of a psychological situation bothering the dog thereby making him go into depression. Hence such a sign should never be ignored.

If any or all the above symptoms are present in a dog, he needs to be immediately taken to a veterinary doctor who will first check thoroughly to rule out physical injuries. After the same has been ruled out and depression has been confirmed as the cause of the canine’s change in behaviour, extra care and attention needs to be given to the dog to help it come out of it and start leading the normal life it once lead.

Helpful Tips for Finding a Reliable Dog Walking Service

If you are a pet owner with a busy life, you can benefit from the services of a professional dog walker. However, picking the person you can trust can be difficult and takes time and effort. Below are some tips that may help you make the process easier:

Get Recommendations from Other Dog Owners

You will need to get the message out there to get recommendations from other dog owners. Next time you take your dog to the park, ask around for recommendations. Ask other owners who have hired a dog walker. You may be able to get at least two recommendations to help you get started. Plus, your dog may end up walking with their pals.

Use the Internet

Google search helps you locate a dog walker in your area. Also, you can use some websites that specialize in helping dog owners find local walkers for their pets. Once you get a name or two, start doing your research to learn more about them.  Just like anything over the web, you want to ensure you interview all the prospects thoroughly before you commit to their dog walking service.

Use Social Media

These days, many people use social media platforms like Facebook to connect with others across the globe. In fact, social media is a place where service providers advertise their services. Thus, these platforms may be able to help find a dependable dog walker. A simple shout out can get you garnering lots of responses from your friends who will them give you recommendations. Also, you can use social media as a tool for checking working histories of dog walkers before formalizing your arrangement with them.

Take Advantage of Professional Services

Hiring a dog walker employed by a company can guarantee you that you get a walker who went through screenings and interviews conducted by the company. This eliminates the hassle of doing these things yourself. Also, dog walking companies may have insurance, better resources and a replacement walker in case the original walker gets sick.

After finding the right candidate to consider, do the final test for the walker through a test walk. Observe your dog in action with the person to have an idea of how confident the person is when walking your dog. Also, this provides the walker the opportunity to bond with your pet in your presence and the chance for your dog to be ready for the transition.

What Kind Of A Collar Your Dog Needs?

The cutest thing about dogs is that are always excited when you buy a gift for them. I don’t know how, but they surely get to know something new is coming for them. They jump on the furniture, hop around the house and wag their tail in joy. They know their “human” is getting something for them and thus, they are super happy about it. No matter how small or big the thing is, they thank you by jumping on you and licking your face.

How do I know all this?

I recently visited genuinecollars.com and bought a collar for my dog. I wish I could record his expression as it was completely delightful. He was very happy with the little thing I did for him. He kept jumping in joy all around the house. I had planned to gift wrap and open it in front of him so that he feels like the thing is just for him and not for anyone else in the house.

You may be wondering about what kind of a collar your dog needs, since he can’t come to you and tell you about it. Well, don’t panic, here are a few tips that are surely going to help:

  • Your dog needs a comfortable collar: Comfort is priority for your best friend. Thus, find out how comfortable your dog is with the collar you have already purchased for him.
  • Your dog needs a collar that’s stylish: Always go for a stylish collar, since that makes the dogs feel good. You can see their happiness in their gestures and body language when you buy a stylish collar for them
  • Always go for a wonderful color: There are various colors in which collars are available; find out which collar would look good on your dog.
  • Your dog needs a collar that’s different than the collars of his dog friends: If you want your dog to stand out in the crowd, you might want to buy something that’s completely unique and special.

When you buy a collar for your dog, make sure you buy it from a good e-store. Check the reviews and find out what people say about the company you are planning to buy the collar from. If the reviews are good, your dog is surely going to be happy about the thing you are buying for him.

The Wonders of CBD oil For Small Dogs

Cannabidiol oil has been known to alleviate many human ailments. But what wonders can the miracle oil do for pets such as dogs?

A tiny chihuahua-dachshund mix named Martini was adopted from a rescue center. At eight weeks old with a weight of just four pounds, the puppy was rescued along with two brothers and a sister. They were found abandoned in a cardboard box by a group of storm chasers. Martini, the runt of the pack, had an injured and infected back leg. This injury gave him trouble walking as he would begin to start limping after a few minutes into walks. He would also wake up his owner in the middle of the night whining and nibbling at his limb.

While a vet recommended different medications for Martini, nothing seemed to help. Some of the medications given to the dog seemed to worsen the situation by decreasing the pup’s appetite and strength.

CBD for dogs

After further research, Martini’s owner sought another solution to alleviate the dog’s pain—CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is an organic compound derived from the cannabis plant. It is known for its non-psychoactive medicinal properties and doesn’t make the user “high.”

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system, which are receptors found in the nervous system and plays a role in regulating appetite, pain, inflammation, nausea, and the effects of cannabis. CBD can actually help dogs as it treats arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress responses, aggression and digestive issues.

Veterinarians are also finding that CBD hemp can be useful in treating acute ailments like sprains and strains, torn ligaments, bone breaks, and post-operative care to reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness. Best of all, CBD does not have side effects, unlike conventional medicine.

CBD oil extract for dogs

One of CBD product that works great for pets is tinctures. It is administered orally and a dose consists of a few drops placed under the tongue. This delivery method is known to be more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream and allows for better dosage control and immediate relief. It can also be given as a daily dietary supplement for dogs. What’s great about CBD tinctures is that is can alleviate symptoms like nausea, body aches, seizures, anxiety, and loss of appetite for dogs facing old age.

One particular product that pet parents can use is Diamond CBD’s Medipets for Small Dogs. The 100% natural and non-toxic oil contains organic flavoring and is designed for dogs to support their overall wellness. Just eight to 10 drops of the oil can be added to food, treats, or water bowl once or twice daily. Diamond CBD also offers other CBD products for pets, including CBD food that comes in bacon flavor that is ideal for use on elderly and ill pets, and CBD food for cats.

Martini’s road to recovery was helped by products such as CBD tinctures. Hours after receiving his first dose of CBD, Martini increased his walking pace and started sniffing and climbing up and down yards. Indeed, CBD medication has helped in alleviating the chihuahua-dachshund mix leg ailment, allowing him to enjoy and get the most out of life.

Dog Boredom – Easy Solutions and Tools

Dog monotony affects many pets when they’re left home alone however in the crazy world we reside in today with work, school and activities just do not let for the dog to participate you each placed you go. Regrettably, this leaves many dogs home alone and bored. How can you tell in case your dog is bored? There are lots of tell-tell signs.

Departing or Returning Home – in case your dog is trembling, shaking, excessively drooling or perhaps hyperventilating then you’ve a significant monotony and anxiety trouble with your pet.

Road to Destruction – Whenever you get home is the a way of destruction including chewed furniture, torn clothing or even the rubbish bin contents put up car house.

Accidents – Could they be urinating or departing feces in the home. Some dogs rich in anxiety may also vomit in the home.

Hate Mail – Do other people leave horrible messages in your answering machine or tape notes for your door complaining concerning the barking or whining when you were gone.

Outdoors – Is the dog digging giant holes to China when you are gone or possibly they have become an incredible escape artist and slip from the yard when you are at the office. They have chewed up every garden tool, sprinkler and lawn furniture you have, then you definitely certainly possess a bored outdoors dog.

In case your dog is exhibiting these behaviors, then you definitely certainly possess a dog monotony problem. The next thing is to know their monotony and discover methods to occupy time when you are gone. Many pet proprietors feel below par departing their dog’s home alone but they just do not get sound advice about this.

Where to start

Start by telling yourself that it’s okay to depart your pet home alone but it’s under your control to provide them the various tools to occupy time inside a productive manner. What many pet parents don’t know would be that the destructive and anxiety ridden behavior their dog exhibits, frequently happens inside the first half an hour once they have remaining the house.

Many dogs have a problem dealing with monotony and also the anxiety from separation and also you have to get multiple methods to calm and draw attention away from these to alleviate this behavior. You need to bear in mind that dog’s don’t become destructive or potty on the ground to harm you or provoke a reaction of your stuff either. This behavior is introduced on by monotony and anxiety.

Dog’s don’t intentionally attempted to be naughty or “returnInch to you for departing them alone. They just require stimulation to ensure that they’re entertained and active to avert this destructive behavior.

Find Activities for the Dog

The next thing is to locate fun, exciting and entertaining activities which will provide your dog the stimulation they have to start staying away from as well as conquering the monotony and anxiety problems. Every dog differs and it has different preferences, so make use of the suggestions below like a beginning point after which develop them with your personal experience and insight of the dog.

Exercise – Now ensuring your pet will get lots of being active is very important however the goal you’re shooting for would be to stimulate them in the region where they will be discovered on your absence. Be it within the home or outside, concentrating on their whereabouts is essential. Make that space a puppy playground they’re excited to make use of.

Dog GPS trackers

Selecting your dog

The reason for obtaining a dog? The rewards from getting your dog are really the but difficult to define. It may be for company, for exercise, to reduce anxiety, for security, or a number of other reasons. It is a bit like getting a 2 years old child that never matures, and if you do not like children you may can’t stand dogs either. Keeping your dog does cost you a fair amount of cash too (but they’re far less expensive than children!)

Which kind of dog? Think about the following as a type of listing. Your solutions to those questions will narrow lower your decision significantly.

Will the dog want to get along well with children? It’s frequently the biggest dogs which are best with children toy dogs are extremely delicate for young children to deal with.

Will the dog want to get along well along with other dogs and pets?

May be the dog simple to handle, or will it require an owner who’s experienced in canine training?

Would you like to bring your dog on journeys along with you? This really is much simpler having a small or medium-sized dog.

Just how much exercise will the dog need the length of time and do you want to spend exercising your dog? Some breeds need a lot more exercise than the others. Keep in mind that your dog needs exercise regardless of the weather.

Will the dog need much space or perhaps is it appropriate for residing in a condo?

Would you like a watchdog or one that’s friendly to other people?

Would you like to leave your dog alone throughout the day when you are at the office?

Do you want your dog that’s OK for those who are afflicted by allergic reactions?

Will the dog need a ton of grooming therefore will you do-it-yourself or pay another person to get it done? Some lengthy haired dogs need a lot more grooming. However, many dogs that do not need grooming do shed hair constantly.

Determine if you particularly desire a man or woman dog.

Mongrel -mixed breed They’re frequently free or inexpensive to acquire, and cheaper to insure. They’re usually healthier with less behavioural quirks than pedigree dogs. However you will not know quite the way your dog will come out when you get a mongrel puppy. Be cautious about obtaining a dog that’s marketed as ‘free to some good home’ etc as it might be that the actual way it was introduced up has produced health or conduct problems. Dog homes also have a way to obtain mixed breed dogs and may usually provide you with an idea from the dog’s conduct, health etc. Also they ought to get back your dog that ends up to possess problems or perhaps is unacceptable unconditionally.

Pedigree breeds If you prefer a pedigree dog select a couple of breeds that you simply think might be appropriate. If you’re not very acquainted with the breed read around you are able to about this. Talking to Breed standards is essential if you wish to breed from this, or prosper at dog shows, although not as useful concerning breed health issues, character from the dog, grooming or training, but various other general books will fill the space. Should you simply want a dog your priority is really a healthy well socialized dog and lots of ‘faults’ associated with size, build, color and markings etc. won’t concern you. Should you tell the breeder this you’ll get offered a unique cost for any dog that’ll be a great pet however is not appropriate for breeding or dog shows. Based on Wikipedia the American Kennel Club recognises about 170breeds of dog, too many even going to list all of them here. For convenience, it divides all breed of dogs into seven groups: