Grab these 7 dog grooming accessories to keep your pet clean

 Although there are many pet services that offer dog grooming in Dubai. But because these are expensive and due to lack of time there are many who prefer to do it themselves. A regular home regimen of grooming your furry friend clean and maintain glossy, matt-free coat. This will also let you check for any skin irritations or pesky lodgers who have made your pet’s fur their home. Along with that dog grooming is also a great way for bonding with your little friend. The best pet store Dubai offers a variety of grooming essentials for keeping your hound in a good condition.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect dog grooming tools, you may find it utterly confusing. You can find shampoos and conditioners for every colour, different types of brushes, scissors, nail clippers etc.  To avoid this confusion here we have listed the top 7 dog grooming accessories that you must have. Look.

  1. Brush:

To maintain your dog’s coat and overall health, regular brushing should be done. You must select a brush made for the specific breed and coat type of your pet. If you choose a wrong brush then it can harm your dog and cause irritation, brush burn or infection. If your dog has a heavier coat, then you may need a different set of brushes to remove hair from different levels.


  1. Shampoo and conditioner:

If you find your dog in a muddy, stinky condition then it indicates that your dog is quite active and in a good health. Now it is your turn to bathe it. You must, therefore, find a quality dog shampoo for the breed. Make sure it has plant-based ingredients and no harmful chemicals. Likewise look for a conditioner to help detangle the mats and moisturize your dog’s skin.


  1. Dog fur dryer:

This is an important grooming tool that you will need especially if you own a thick, long-haired and double coat dog breed. Towel drying is a good option for dogs with a thinner coat. But for those with long hair, it can cause tangles in hair. It is best to invest in a dog fur dryer as it relies more on high-speed air, rather than heat, to dry your pup.


  1. Grooming Wipes:

If your dog likes to play outside in the mud and comes back home soiled and stinking, then you might be bathing it frequently. Now frequent bathing often leads to dry skin. Therefore, to avoid this, you can pick some grooming wipes to clean your tiny friend. These are perfect for wiping away muddy paws, messy wrinkles, and dirty bottoms and leave your pup looking clean and fresh.


  1. Hair Clippers:

If you want to trim your dog’s hair yourself, then investing in a hair trimmer better-called hair clipper is the best thing to do. A dog’ hair is denser and much thicker than a human’s hair and therefore you must always find a trimmer that has sharp blades. Quality dog clippers come with several blade guards allowing you to trim your dog’s hair to a certain length in an easy manner.


  1. Nail Clipper:

When it comes to cutting your dog’s nails, the task is certainly not easy. While some dogs may co-operate for the process some may run away. However, it is an art to train your dogs to be accepting. You can find different nail clipper at any of the pet store Dubai that can be appropriate for your pet.

  1. Toothbrush & Toothpaste:

To fight tooth decay, halitosis, and dreaded doggy breath you must get a dog’s toothpaste and toothbrush. Your vet may suggest you brush your dog’s teeth daily, but if not, every day you can thoroughly clean them using an appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush at least once in a week.

Grooming your pet would not only make it look good but also feel good. If you are a dog owner, then you should buy the above-mentioned tools and supplies for dog grooming in Dubai from a good pet store.