Pets have become the part of our life and when it comes to feeding them, we choose the best and healthy one. But have you ever wondered, how does your pet food is made? How the Pet Food Packaging does is done? What ingredients are used in Pet food manufacturing etc? So here we have provided the abstract description of the pet food manufacturing.

Ingredients used to produce pet food somewhat depends upon the type of pet, but are some products which are commonly used for every pet food. These include animal parts like bones, chicken meat, parts such as intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs, udders, spleen and stomach tissues etc. The consistency of the product is improved by adding cereal grains like soya bean, corn meal, cracked wheat, and barley etc. Some artificial agents and Gelatine is also added for homogeneity and to control moisture. There are generally two types of food canned and dry food. Dry food is more preferably than canned food. To preserve food from oxidation and Rancidity Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) is added to the food. Also, Potassium and calcium sorbets are added to prevent bacterial growth in the food.

Manufacturing of the pet food is quite similar to processed food. First of all the meat products from providers and shipped to the pet food manufacturing companies. The flesh is processed and separated from the water, fat and protein components. Fresh meat is used in canned food and frozen meat is used for dry food. Rendering the meat. Separating the fat cells by enzymatic and solvent extraction or by heat. Rendering of meat is generally performed by meat processing (out-side companies) and then the meat is dried for further process. Grinding and pre-cooking the meat. The Grinding Ensures to make the pet food with desired texture. The meat is continuously cooked on appropriate temperature to make it chunky and semi-moist. Blending and Shaping. Meat is again blended with vitamins and minerals, grains, cereal etc. Semi-most food is heated to make it thicken and partially dextrin zed. After this process the food is shaped into appropriate forms, then the food is ready for packaging

Pet Food Packaging industries has been developed to the great extent with technology and many pet food manufacturing companies use packaging industry for packaging. Dry food is packed in pre-printed pouches or containers. Moist food (canned food) is packed in vacuum sealed cans. Sterilization of pet food is very important for canned food. The cans are heated at 250°F for about 80-82 minutes and then quickly cooled down to 110° FO. The cans are then dried and labelled for shipping.

The best quality is good is acquired with the best packaging and Quality Pet food Packaging is always taken into consideration when manufacturing the pet food.